How To Join The NCS

National Cartoonists Society membership is open to all creative professionals who earn a substantial part of their income working in the fields of cartooning, illustration, animation and graphic storytelling. Membership is not restricted to North American cartoonists – NCS ranks include members from as far afield as the U.K., Australia, Chile, Korea, Spain and Japan.

Potential members must be of good reputation and their work should be of professional quality, as reviewed by the Membership Committee.

We are an organization of esteemed peers and we welcome new members. If you are unsure whether you may qualify for NCS membership, or whether the NCS is the organization for you, feel free to contact one of the regional chapters.

If you are a professional cartoonist under the age of 28, click here to read about our “27 Club” program.


There are four classes of membership in The National Cartoonists Society:

REGULAR MEMBERS are professional cartoonists, the quality of whose work has been judged and approved by the Membership Committee.

ASSOCIATE MEMBERS are those individuals who work as professionals in the cartooning industry or whose expression of interest has been established.

HONORARY MEMBERS are cartoonists, surviving spouses or patrons of the art for whom the Society desires to express its esteem and appreciation.

RETIRED MEMBERSHIP is granted to existing members 65 years of age and older and retired.


Application must include two letters of recommendation from NCS members, a short biographical sketch and samples of current work bearing a signature. Applications must be accompanied by a check covering one year’s dues, which will be refunded if the candidate is not accepted by the Membership Committee.

A candidate is eligible for membership when accepted by a unanimous vote of the Membership Committee.

If you are a professional cartoonist and are interested in applying for a Regular Membership, or work in an allied field and feel you would qualify for one of the limited number of Associate Memberships, please contact:


Greg Cravens, Membership Chair
312 N. McLean Blvd
Memphis, TN 38112